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Day 2 of #75HARD

What is the point of making something hard, easy?

The point of the #75HARD challenge is to do something hard. What is interesting is the 5 rules of the challenge are not difficult in and of themselves.

The difficult part is life happening around these 5 rules.

The distractions. The urgency and emergencies of others. The to-do list. The birthday parties. The traveling. The work schedules. The athletic events. The dance recitals, and so on. 

This is also why finding ways to make something hard, easy, is so important to your success.

Today’s focus is on my particular achilles heal with this challenge – Drinking a gallon of water a day. 

I get it, how hard can that be?  Again, it is not hard in and of itself. In fact I actually like drinking water.

What I don’t do, however, is make it a conscious effort on a regular basis to drink enough water.

Two reasons I focus on making what is hard for me, easy 

1 – Lack of intention

2 – Total time to go to the bathroom repeatedly during the day or during the night if I’m pounding ounce after ounce before bed.

By the way, this is the worst rule to have to make up at the end of the day bar none. 

Because it is the only part of the challenge that is the “gift that keeps on giving” so to speak, giving you zero chance at a good night sleep.

Once you are done with the other rules of the challenge, you are done. No long term effects waking you up every hour to go to the bathroom.

Here is what I suggest so you are not “receiving” this gift during your #75HARD experience.

Follow these three steps to make it easy on you…

Get a 32 ounce to a 64 ounce badass water bottle.

Fill it up first thing in the morning after you brush your teeth (life hack – don’t drink anything before brushing your teeth in the morning).

Then make it your goal to drink at least 64 ounces before your first meal. 

By meal, I mean your first calorie of anything except coffee or sugar free/zero calorie stuff like gum.

Three things happen by doing this:

1 – You are half way to your goal of a gallon, which is 128 ounces, of H2O for the day.

2 – You are going to be less hungry, longer into the day, which supports any diet you are on.

3 – From what I can tell, it helps with mood and energy levels as well. I have no evidence other than my own experience to support this specific claim.

If you have decided to go all-in on #75HARD challenge, use this tip to get half of your ounces down the hatch before your first meal.

The challenge is hard enough, so do what you can to make some of it easy.

Much ❤️-


P.S. If you have decided to commit to the #75HARD challenge, post your favorite emoji in the comment section so we can support each other 🔥⬆️.

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