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How attempting too much at once is costing me more than it should.

Have you ever been so excited about starting something, that you start to chase that feeling don't?

I get it. 

Same here.

In fact as I type this blog post I realize it has been five days since my last blog entry

And although this blog, so far, has focused on #75HARD, it is not the end goal of the website itself.

Here is what I mean. This blog, titled after yours truly, has been in the works for a long time. (Too long if you ask the author).

One thing I have been doing since pre-launch is incorporating a daily writing habit.

The birth of a new habit (and hopes of a dying off of some old ones).

This habit was born to -

1 - Become a better writer.

2 - Become a better communicator.

3 - Become an a person with a blog serving others through my experience.

No illusions of grandeur. Rather using tools we have never had available in human history to become the best human I can be.

The #75HARD challenge is what spurred me to actually make this thing official and start posting.

The idea being, since I have completed this challenge before, I would be more prepared to post daily about the experience.

I got all excited, like I do, until I realized after week 1 that was not the best approach.

Notice I said not the best approach. I didn't say not the best goal.

Moving forward I will challenge myself to post daily content. Not all content will be challenge focused however.

In fact not all content will look the same. Some will be written with video, some written only, so video only, and some with transcriptions.

Why would I have such a variety?

Because a) variety is cool, and b) to get a feel for what is best in both quality and quantity of content.

What does this have to do with you?

First, the goal with every post including this one is to provide you enough value it is worth your time to read.

Second, within the value you glean from here, you are able to find a practical application of the material.

Third, the cost of doing more than I am capable is more than I can bare.

Okay, the third point is a bit dramatic, I'll admit.

It touches on something I have learned in a variety of ways. Taking on too much is something many people, including me, struggle with.

Not because you or I are not capable of what we choose to take on. But because we may not always think through the choice before saying "yes".

With the biggest cost coming in the form of time.

They say time is money, so how much does time cost?

The fast answer is the cost of time is more than we realize. Especially when we overcommit.

The slightly slower answer, is this saying has nothing to do with money, and everything to do with value.

Not everything I commit too is valuable. Same goes for you.

Not every feeling is valuable when it becomes the goal either.

For example, people say they want to be happy. Being happiness is a feeling and seeking out things to maintain a feeling is wasteful in two ways -

1) In general, it devalues the feeling in and of itself.

If you understand nuances, congratulations, I do too. So spare the "what if's" and exceptions. I realize being happy about getting a promotion and being happy about giving someone a gift are different shades of happiness.

2) Feelings can be manufactured and manipulated, so you are better off spending your time on achievement.

Being fulfilled is created in the pursuit, not in the achievement alone.

Time is priceless, in can not be purchased. It can be invested. So invest your time in only what matters most and what you do best.

And remember, because you can do something, and are excited about it, does not mean you should commit to it.

Instead, invest time in creating an effective and efficient process to think, plan, and act without costing yourself the most precious thing you have - time.

Much ❤️


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